What Causes Gas Line Leaks?

What Causes Gas Line Leaks?

Gas leaks occur when you don’t expect them, and can cause some severe damage to underlying pipe systems in your home. They can also be extremely dangerous and cause injury or even death. For that reason, when you get a leak in your gas line, you need to contact the gas leak repair experts in the North Shore immediately.

Everyday Appliances 

Having a gas line means that you have appliances in your home that you use every day, like hot water cylinders, gas stoves or a fireplace. Over time, the seals that connect and hold pipes attached to these appliances can wear out, harden and corrode. When this happens, the gas can easily leak out because the connections haven’t been sealed correctly.

Poor Piping 

Beneath your home is a maze of piping that crosses the ground. Some bring water to and from your home, while others provide gas for your appliances and heaters. Just like anything that needs to be maintained, over time, these pipes erode, crack and wear. Sometimes they get disconnected from severe corrosion, and other times infiltrating plant and tree roots can break them. In older homes, inadequate piping is common, which is why you need to get your gas lines surveyed when you buy an older house. If not, they could erode at any time, and start releasing gas into your home.

Lack Of Good Ventilation 

Appliances that generate heat can emit high levels of carbon dioxide when they’re malfunctioning. It’s a byproduct of any gas-powered appliance that produces heat, although some larger appliances like heating systems can eliminate the carbon dioxide with a fan or a ventilation system. It’s important that the ventilation system is clean and free of any blockages or you could risk your home filling up with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide doesn’t have a smell, which means you wouldn’t be able to detect it. The only way to prevent carbon dioxide poisoning caused by poor ventilation would be to keep your gas lines and appliances serviced and repaired often.

Using gas to power appliances and generate heat is standard but can be risky if you ignore their maintenance. A gas line leak would need to be repaired by a professional immediately once detected because the danger of illness and gas poisoning is serious. If you suspect that you have a leak, make sure you schedule gas leak repairs immediately.