About Us

Company Profile

PG Plumbing and Gas started as an apprentice’s dream and is now a very real and growing enterprise. Our North Shore plumbing and gas fitting company now boasts 17 plumbers and six drainlayers on the expanding team, and as the company has grown, so has our capacity to handle larger projects.

Our company director Paul Grubb began his apprenticeship with every intention of going out on his own. PG Plumbing and Gas is the realisation of his vision. Since 2013, Paul and the team have offered a complete plumbing, gas fitting and drainage service with a philosophy that underlines every project we work on: Deliver on time with excellence.


As our company has expanded in recent years, PG Plumbing and Gas has broadened its horizons. Our vehicles are familiar sights on building sites throughout Auckland; PG Plumbing and Gas is recognised as a trusted provider of plumbing, gas and drainlaying services on a range of projects, including:

Fletcher Living subdivision in Whenuapai:
Plumbing and gas for 60 – 80 homes per year.

Fletcher Living subdivision at Hobsonville Point:
Plumbing for 30 – 40 homes a year.

HNZ project at Maple Street, Avondale:
9 duplex dwellings and 21 apartment units

HNZ project at Chippendale Beachhaven:
28 stand-alone and duplex dwellings.

HNZ project at Bari Lane, Mangere:
18 duplex and stand-alone dwellings, and 21 apartment units.


Projects of this scale require a significant degree of technical skill, and our team efficiently delivers that level of expertise. But we bring more to a worksite than aptitude: we’re innovative thinkers and liaise closely with our clients to work through the unique challenges that every project presents. This problem-solving ability helps our clients stick to their budget and schedule, and that fits our philosophy of delivering on time, and with excellence.

PG Plumbing and Gas is a growing company, but we’ll never get too big for our boots. We look for two critical things when adding plumbers and drainlayers to our team: they must be good at what they do, and they must be good people with it. We’ve assembled a friendly and approachable team of highly-skilled people who can work within our company culture, and set excellent examples of professionalism and behaviour on every project.

We’re proud of our work and our team. We invite you to contact PG Plumbing and Gas and discuss how our expertise and our people will help your project stay on time, and within budget.