Full gas installation

Are you renovating or building a new house? PG Plumbing and Gas fitting can carry out all of your gasfitting needs. From metered or bottled gas connections to installing fires and commissioning the installation, our team can assist you throughout the entire process.

We can also detect leaks and repair or replace any faulty pipework.

Natural Gas Connections & Installs


Getting natural gas onto your property may seem daunting. However, this should not be the case. PG Plumbing and Gasfitting can guide you throughout this process.

We can help you change over your hot water, cooking and heating system.

LPG bottle installation


LPG bottles are an effective way to get gas onto your property. PG Plumbing and Gas fitting can meet all your LPG installation needs. From comprehensive maintenance and servicing to small and large bottled installations, our team can work with what you need.

Cooking appliance installation


The most reliable and effective way to cook is on gas. PG Plumbing & Gasfitting can help with all your commercial or domestic cooking needs. From restaurant kitchens to gas hob changeovers, to cooking with metered or bottled gas, our team can get the job done.

Please Contact us to plan your full gas installation.