The DIY Gas Fitting Era Is A Dangerous One

The DIY Gas Fitting Era Is A Dangerous One

The internet has a lot to answer for. Take YouTube for example. If you want to DIY a certain project, you can head to YouTube and chances are you’ll find a video that gives you step by step instructions on how to do something. This is fine if it’s tips on how to build a birdhouse to stick in a tree. But as a gas fitter North Shore homes and businesses rely on for safe gas fitting services, we are shocked whenever we see YouTube videos on DIY gas projects! This is dangerous work when done by the wrong hands. It should only be carried out by trained and licenced professionals.

It’s not just YouTube that’s to blame for encouraging unqualified people to attempt complex work. It’s a piece of cake for an amateur gasfitter to do a Google search for DIY instructions. Meanwhile, renovation TV shows like The Block often show people doing a lot of their own work, some of it in areas they’re not trained in at all. This is because of budgetary and time restraints and sends a message to viewers that maybe this DIY lark for big and serious projects isn’t that hard after all?

The digital era has made people believe they’re experts by giving them easy access to information and instructions. But this doesn’t make them qualified. And it has serious consequences. When DIY goes wrong, it results in mistakes that are expensive to rectify, the potential for prosecution and huge fines, and the invalidation of property insurance. In the worst-case scenario, it causes serious injury or even death. All because someone wanted to save a few bucks by doing it themselves. We just don’t understand why people would want to risk their lives, and the lives of family and friends, by doing it on the cheap (and nasty)

We’ve searched the internet for DIY gas fitting instructions, and they’re easy to find. We think it’s a dangerous thing. If gas fitting was really that easy to do, we wouldn’t have to gain the hard-earned qualifications and credentials that we need to carry out our work. We wouldn’t have had to undergo years of training and exams, and we wouldn’t have to do ongoing training. And, we wouldn’t have to çlosely adhere to the super-strict safety guidelines that are put in place by the Government and other authorities.

DIY in the trades of electrical and plumbing/gasfitting is risky for many reasons. Why put your family in danger, and suffer a whole host of other consequences as well? Forego the Google search and the YouTube tuition and come straight to us.