Questions To Ask Your Plumber

Questions To Ask Your Plumber

At PG Plumbing, we are often met with an influx of clients in need of an emergency plumber in Auckland. Blocked drains, overflowing toilets and burst water pipes are just some of the issues we can assist with. However, as homeowners are overwhelmed and pressured into getting help quickly, they are prone to making the wrong decision in choosing the best professional to fix their problem. We forget the costs attached, the level of workmanship and even the reliability of the tradesmen we’re hiring – just because we need an instant fix.

Here are some of the questions we highly recommend you to ask your plumber before hiring them. Whether it’s a mere maintenance job or an actual repair, asking these questions can end up saving you money.

1) Is Your Plumber Covered By Insurance?

Hiring a plumber who has no insurance can be a difficult situation to work around as it can lead to liability on your part. Your insurance may require you to only utilise the services of reputable professionals who have covered themselves to ensure that any shoddy workmanship is paid for. It can also provide you as the homeowner with peace of mind, knowing that the service provider’s employees are protected in the event of injury or death.

2) Can Your Plumber Provide You With A Site Assessment Before Quoting You? 

In times of emergencies, homeowners rarely give a second thought to the cost of repairs especially if their safety is compromised or their belongings possibly damaged. And even if your plumber has a call-out fee separate from their work fee, they must offer you a site assessment before settling on a quotation. This is because it’s hard to evaluate a problem without physically inspecting it. Any plumber who refuses to do this or is being unreasonable can be over or undercharging you.

3) Can Your Plumber Give You A Written Quote? 

Aside from a call-out fee and site assessment, your plumber must provide you with a quotation in writing. This can eliminate the possibility of fluctuations in pricing. After inspecting the site, professional plumbers should be able to provide you with an accurate upfront cost to repair your plumbing problem due to their experience in the industry. This is best-practice and can assist you to make the most sensible decision for your home.

While most of us will usually only call out the first emergency plumber in Auckland when a problem arises regardless of the validity of their credentials or even cost, it should be done with caution. Even though it is a distressing situation to find yourself in, it should not warrant a hasty decision for several reasons. Choosing an unqualified or unlicensed contractor, spending an exorbitant amount of money on a simple plumbing problem or having to call out another plumber soon after because the repair work was not done professionally is not ideal. At PG Plumbing, we offer expert service and have a team of qualified and trusted plumbers ready to take on any plumbing mishap – contact us today.