Buying A New Home? Do These Plumbing Checks First

Buying A New Home? Do These Plumbing Checks First

If you’re in the market for a new home, there are many things to consider and prepare for. Amid the stress and excitement, prospective buyers often overlook the less than obvious aspects of a potential new home, including the plumbing. This can end up being quite a costly and regrettable issue later down the line when they’ve moved in and suddenly discover problems they weren’t aware of. Here are a few plumbing things you should check out before deciding to buy a house:

1) Water Pressure

While it’s not one of the first things you’d think about checking, discovering that your new house has low water pressure and your shower produces a treacle at best, is never pleasant. Make sure your potential new home has good water pressure by checking the shower and running the taps.

2) Inspect Toilets And Basins

Have a look at the base of toilets in the house and check for any leaks. Do the same with pipes under the kitchen sink and bathroom basins – leaks in those areas could be causing mould to grow and cause damage to the floor or cupboards in the immediate area.

3) Check On The Hot Water Geyser

Another vital part of your day-to-day living will be having enough hot water available and not having to worry about suddenly being stuck with a leaking or defective geyser. Take a look at the age and condition, as well as the water capacity – if you’re a larger family, you’re going to need enough warm water at any time for everyone to enjoy a warm bath or shower.

4) Look At Water Lines

Where possible, track where water pipes are installed and look for any water damage to ceilings or walls. While these types of issues are often disguised by a fresh coat of paint, it helps to look in more hidden areas that may have been missed during the touch-up process.

5) Inspect The Sewer Line

Another crucial check, ensure that the sewer line from the house to the street is clear and free from blockages or obstructions. It would be worth the effort to call in a professional to run a camera through the line and confirm that you won’t be having any trouble because of it.

If you’d like to be completely confident in your decision to purchase a house, call in the professionals. If you’re looking for plumbers North Shore, our team of specialists are on hand and ready to assist with a call-out, inspection or repair work.