The Importance Of Using Licenced Service Providers When Working With Gas Fitters in North Shore

The Importance Of Using Licenced Service Providers When Working With Gas Fitters in North Shore

When it comes to home installations, maintenance work and general servicing, most of us would preferably save a few dollars where we can. We may revert to doing the job ourselves or hiring the cheapest tradesmen to do the work, to ensure we don’t suffer any costly bills. And while this is a reasonable response for less significant jobs, it is not recommended for every aspect of your home. From using gas fitters North Shore to qualified professionals for your water and electricity, it’s crucial that you don’t take any shortcuts and hire the right person.

Even with a tight budget, homeowners should always have their gas fitting done by licenced service providers. PG Plumbing can understand the financial stress of having to pay high service fees for a seemingly simple job, but unfortunately, when it comes to gas – it takes an expert to fit safely.

Here are the top reasons why you should always use licenced service providers for your gas fitting in North Shore.

1) To Meet Local Regulations

Gasfitters need to be registered in New Zealand with an official board, validating their certification and trade. If tradesmen cannot confirm their registration, you are not only at risk of using an uncertified individual to fit your gas but also willingly disobeying legal requirements set out by the local government.

2) To Keep You Safe

Gas is an extremely volatile power source, and unskilled or inexperienced individuals who are not licenced may jeopardise you and your family’s safety if their workmanship is not up to industry standard. Qualified professionals go through training that gears them up to fit and service gas in a safe manner.

3) To Ensure Your Insurance Is Not Voided

Insurance companies require homeowners to provide certificates of workmanship, indicating the use of licenced service providers. If you are unable to provide your insurance company with these certificates, they are likely to reject any future claims or even void your insurance completely.

4) To Maintain Your Home’s Value

Often prospective buyers will query if gas, water and electricity has been installed and maintained by licenced professionals. This is because, if you have used uncertified individuals, there is a chance that work was not carried out properly or according to industry regulations. This, in turn, will cost them more money to resolve correctly and so your home will lose value – decreasing your selling price.

Certification means compliance, and if your hired gas fitters in North Shore cannot provide you with validation that they are indeed licenced to do the work – your home is not compliant. Not only are there financial risks attached to this, but it can be hazardous to your safety as well. PG Plumbing offers expert advice with our team of certified and registered individuals. For more information on our affordable services, give us a call today.