When Do I Need A Gasfitter?

When Do I Need A Gasfitter?

Using gas appliances in your home is entirely safe, as long as they’re installed correctly and regularly maintained by a certified gas fitter. But it can be challenging to know what kind of service provider you need, and when you need a gas fitter over another service provider. You’ll need a gas fitter in the North Shore in the following circumstances.

When A Gas Appliance Needs To Be Installed 

When you’re looking at getting a gas heating system or water heater installed in your home, you need a certified gas fitter to do the job for you. Gas appliance installations are not a job you can DIY. In fact, it’s illegal to install, maintain or alter a gas appliance in New Zealand if you’re not a certified gas plumber.

When A Gas System Needs To Be Maintained 

After a gas system or appliance is installed, it needs to be maintained and serviced regularly. If you skimp on the maintenance, you could be putting your household at risk of gas poisoning if you get a leak. But by looking after your gas systems and appliances, you won’t have to worry about a gas leak, because your gas fitter will be able to take preventative measures before the damage becomes worse.

When You’re Upgrading Your Home 

When you’re renovating your home, you’ll need more than a contractor to get everything built, installed and connected. While many people think that a contractor is all they need, they’re only half right. In most scenarios, a contractor will have a connection for a Auckland plumber, electrician, gas fitter and any other service provider they need. Your contractor will perform the jobs they have certification for and then outsource other projects to people who are better suited for the job. For all things related to gas lines and appliances, your contractor will rely on a gas fitter in the North Shore.

When You’re Servicing Gas Appliances And Systems 

After a gas fitter has installed your gas-powered systems and appliances, they will also be the service provider who services and repairs them. Remember, while others might have the know-how to do the job, it’s always best to have the same gas fitter who installed the system to repair it too.

When getting gas systems installed, serviced and repaired in your North Shore home, you’ll need a gas fitter. Whether it’s a heating system, boiler, or outdoor barbeque, a gas fitter is the service provider who has the necessary certification and experience needed to get the job done.