We’re Master Plumbers And It Matters

We’re Master Plumbers And It Matters

When looking for plumbers on the North Shore, be fussy. Plumbing and gasfitting work can be complex, and you want to ensure it is done safely and to the highest standard. You want the best North Shore plumbers and gasfitters because you deserve a job well done and peace of mind to go with it. That’s why we suggest you only deal with Master Plumbers.

PG Plumbing & Gas are Master Plumbers, and we’re proud of that title. Not because it is an ego trip for us but because it gives reassurance to you. When you choose Master Plumbers to do work at your residential property, you are backed up by a rock-solid guarantee. The Master Plumbers guarantee is your protection in the highly unlikely case of substandard workmanship. It is also a safeguard against the loss of an advance payment to the contractor should they go into liquidation or bankruptcy.

The Master Plumbers guarantee applies to all residential plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying. As far as we’re concerned, we always set the very highest standards, no matter what sort of work we’re doing. But when those standards are backed up by the industry itself, it means there are three parties who expect nothing but the best: us, Master Plumbers and, most importantly, you. With a triple layer of high expectation, you can feel comfortable the outcome will be a good one.

The alternative is to go for inexperienced and under-qualified plumbers and gasfitters who won’t provide the level of service and expertise you deserve. That’s because…they don’t have to! Without Master Plumbers accreditation, and no stringent benchmarks to reach as a result, they’re answerable to no one. Who will check their work is up to scratch? And, if problems occur down the track, what backup do you have? There’s no Master Plumbers guarantee for you to fall back on. That could cost you a lot of money.

We understand why people choose inexperienced plumbers and gasfitters. They’re cheap. This is false economy if you need to have the job done again. With so much plumbing and gasfitting work being complex in nature, the chances of that are high. You’re better off paying a little more – not that much more – and getting it right the first time.

At PG Plumbing & Gas, we take our responsibilities as Master Plumbers seriously, and we’re committed to doing a perfect job for every client. We’re not putting on the hard sell on you here. While we’d love to help you with your plumbing and gasfitting requirements, we know you have choices. We just urge you to choose plumbers on the North Shore who have the experience and expertise to do a good job now, and not leave you in a pickle in the future.