Five Signs You Have A Gas Leak

Five Signs You Have A Gas Leak

Using gas systems in your home can be beneficial, but they can also cause problems if you don’t keep them maintained. When you use gas, the worst thing that could happen is if you had a gas leak. If that happened, you’d need an emergency gas fitter. For now, look out for these signs of gas leaks.

1) There’s A Strange Smell

Natural gas doesn’t usually have a noticeable smell, which is why it’s so dangerous for you if you do have a gas leak. For this reason, utility companies add chemicals with strong odours to natural gas, so that if you did have a leak, you would be aware of it from a sulphur smell.

2) Your Plants Are Dying 

Gas leaks can affect plant life in your house and garden, but most people don’t know that. If you’re an avid gardener, you’ll start noticing your plants dying quickly in clumps, while others will seem unaffected. That means that the plant life closest to the gas leak is suffocating from a lack of oxygen or gas contamination. If you see plants dying in your garden while others look unaffected, they might not need more water!

3) Your Water Is Bubbling 

As you know, when water is carbonated, it bubbles with gas rising to the surface. However, when you fill a glass of water from the tap and see bubbles, you should know that that shouldn’t be happening. That means that you have a gas leak, and it has contaminated your water supply.

4) Whistling Or Hissing Noises 

Because gas is high-pressure, when there’s a leak or a crack in a pipe, the gas will make a whistling or hissing noise as it escapes. If you hear this around your gas systems, or where pipelines run in your home, you should have a gas fitter perform an inspection.

5) You Have Health Problems 

Gas leaks can severely affect your health, which is why they’re so dangerous. Because gas is denser and lighter than air, the oxygen surrounding gas dissipates, which is why your plants would die from a lack of oxygen. Without having breathable air in your surroundings, respiratory and breathing issues would be common. You could also experience dizziness, headaches, fatigue, nausea, drowsiness and weakness.

If you think that you have a gas leak, you must get an emergency gas fitter in to suspect your gas systems immediately. If you don’t, you and your family, employees, or even your pets, could suffer from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.