New Builds & Renovations

While there is always anticipation and excitement surrounding a new build or renovation, there is often a degree of stress as well. That doesn’t surprise us. A lot of things have to come together to bring any large-scale project to completion, all while sticking to the agreed schedule and budget. Tying up all of the strands, with one eye on the calendar and another eye on the finances, can cause something of a headache. But as far as your plumbing, gas and drainage requirements go, you’ve got nothing to worry about. At PG Plumbing and Gasfitting, we have those areas covered.

As we’ve grown as a company, so has our capacity to handle larger and more complex projects. New builds and renovations fit well within our broad skillset and range of services, and this is reflected in the number of plumbing, gas fitting and drainage assignments that we’ve been asked to complete in recent years. We’ve established a reputation for excellence on sites throughout Auckland; check out our projects and you’ll see why we’re in demand all over the city.

Be it a single or multi-dwelling building on a new site, or the renovation/extension of an existing building, PG Plumbing and Gasfitting can bring in an experienced team to assist in the design and planning stages, pre-lay drainage for concrete slabs, installation of bayonet points and connectors, appliance installations and much more. While we always deliver quality work, we’re just as happy to provide expert advice, especially when you feel uncertainty on the best way to proceed. With a vast bank of knowledge built up from other projects, we can apply solutions to any number of challenges, and this will make the whole process a much more efficient one. This can’t be underestimated when you’re operating with a tight budget and schedule constraints hanging over the entire project.

Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, heating systems or outdoors – we’re right at home with anything that requires plumbing, gas and drainage as part of your new build or renovation. PG Plumbing and Gas will bring more than qualified people to the site. We’ll also bring a positive attitude, and genuine confidence that there are no challenges we can’t overcome, and no budget and schedule we can’t work within. So why worry about the plumbing, gas and drainage components of your project? We’ve got this!

For an initial discussion on your new build or renovation, get in touch with PG Plumbing and Gas. We’re Auckland plumbers and gas fitters with a city-wide reputation for making a big job that much easier.