Certified Gas Fitters NZ

Your safety is our highest priority. A Gas Safety Certificate and/or a Gas Code of Compliance makes it official.

All gas work carried out by the expert team at PG Plumbing and Gas must include the issue of a Gas Safety Certificate and/or a Gas Code of Compliance. This documentation covers the installation of a new gas appliance or repairs, additions or extensions to any existing appliance. Whatever we do for you, it must be certified to show we have carried out our work to the highest, and safest, standards.

As certified gas fitters in Auckland, we have a reputation to protect. Accreditation in our field is not earned lightly, and we’re just as stringent when it comes to our gas certification process. We’re responsible for ensuring the quality of our own work, as well as the work carried out by anyone we supervise. Only once we’re fully satisfied that the installation, repair, addition or extension has been completed properly will we issue you with a safety certificate or code of compliance. It’s not something we give away randomly, and to reflect its importance, you must retain it for safekeeping.

A Gas Safety Certificate and Gas Code of Compliance is your peace of mind in document form. It confirms that our work and the gas appliance itself both meet safety and compliance standards as set by the New Zealand Government. These standards are some of the strictest in the country and acknowledge how important it is that gas work is carried out by experts in their field.  When you receive a Gas Safety Certificate or a Gas Code of Compliance, you can breathe a little easier, knowing that the job has been done properly.

Not everyone working in our industry can give you that same degree of confidence. Some are not as qualified or as experienced, and when it comes to gas fitting, that can be dangerous. If you hire an unlicensed person, there could also be warranty and insurance issues if things go wrong. That’s why you should always ask a potential gas fitter if they’re able to certify their work. If they can’t give you that reassurance, then they don’t have your safety as their highest priority. We do.

For gas work that will receive the official stamp of approval, as well as yours, contact PG Plumbing and Gas. We’re certified gas fitters in Auckland with a city-wide reputation for excellence.

Please Contact us if you feel your current installation is not safe or working correctly. We will help to provide you peace of mind by testing your installation and offering comprehensive advise.