Four Plumbing Problems That You Should Call A Professional To Solve

Four Plumbing Problems That You Should Call A Professional To Solve

Many people consider themselves DIY experts around the home and can fix minor problems without assistance. It’s a useful quality to have, but it helps to remember that not all problems can be solved by searching for a solution on the internet and trying to do it yourself. When it comes to plumbing, it’s difficult to tell whether a problem is due to a minor issue or a more serious one, and plumbing systems can be trickier than expected. Below, we’ve listed four common plumbing problems that you should call a professional to solve.

1) Drain Blockages Or Slow Drainage Issues

Depending on whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen or outside drain, blockages are caused by the accumulation of food matter, debris, clumps of hair and other waste. Using a plunger may help dislodge it partially, but doesn’t remove it altogether. While chemical store-bought drain cleaners may be useful in some cases, they contain caustic chemicals that can cause damage to pipes with repeated use. Don’t leave slow draining or blocked drains unattended as clogs can damage your plumbing if neglected. Call in an accredited Auckland plumber as soon as possible to get the problem solved and to get advice to prevent it happening again.

2) Leaking Pipes

Pipe leaks not only result in water wastage and higher costs but could lead to more severe problems and even burst pipes. While some leaks are visible, others are only detected when there’s a sudden change in your water bill or level of water pressure. In some cases, tiny hairline leaks appear around your pipeworks, walls and ceiling. Leaking pipes are a problem best resolved as soon as possible by an emergency plumber as the problem could escalate at any time. If quick action isn’t taken and your pipes do burst, the consequences and costs of water damage could get extremely high.

3) Installation Of Plumbing Systems Or Components

Never attempt to install plumbing equipment such as pipes, tubs and sinks yourself. You could risk damaging your entire plumbing system. Worse still, if you live in an apartment block, your DIY attempts could affect other units as well. Furthermore, there may be building compliance needs that have to be met, so use a qualified plumber to ensure that things are done safely and correctly.

4) Problems with Water Heaters

Water heater DIY repairs are a definite no-no. There are specialised types of equipment with varying features and operational concerns depending on the model and brand. If you observe changes in your heater’s water temperature, colour or smell, it’s time to call in the experts. Leakages and strange sounds are also indicators that there’s a problem that needs professional attention.

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