It’s A Great Time To Go Gas

It’s A Great Time To Go Gas

When daylight saving gives us longer days and the temperature increases at the same time, you’re probably not thinking of gas heating, cooking, or even gas-heated water. During daylight saving time, gas use is considerably reduced; you don’t use as much hot water and you don’t spend as much time cooking as you do in the cooler months. And you certainly don’t need to heat your house with the same frequency as you do in winter. So, the thought of upgrading to new gas appliances for hot water, heating and cooking probably aren’t on your mind. We think it should be.

As experienced North Shore gas fitters, we know there is a bit of a lull at this time of year when it comes to installing gas appliances. They get the most use in the winter months, and that is when demand for them surges. This can cause something of a waiting list when people really don’t want to wait. That’s why this is the perfect time to get to the front of the queue and book in our expert installation services.

Not only will you beat the rush but you’ll also enjoy the benefits that gas brings. Every top chef will tell you that cooking with gas gives them far superior results, while gas heating is fast, efficient and convenient. As for gas hot water? That has a long list of advantages:

  • Easily installed.
  • Can be cheaper than an electric water heater.
  • Gas continuous flow water heaters never run out, and there is no heat loss from stored water.
  • More energy efficient as it heats water on demand instead of heating and reheating water in a cylinder.
  • Water from an endless gas system is cleaner than water that sits in an old cylinder all day.
  • Is a more compact and space-saving water heating solution

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t upgrade to gas, and now is the time to do it. In winter, everyone will want to go gas, so beat them to it and contact us now. It’s never too early to look ahead! And if you already have gas appliances at your home, ask us to service them before you need them again.