Is A Yellow Flame A Sign You Need Gas Repairs?

Is A Yellow Flame A Sign You Need Gas Repairs?

In a perfect world, the flame from your gas cooker should burn a bright, vivid blue. But perfection is a rare thing in this world and so is that flawless blue flame. Many gas cookers emit a flame that is anything but blue and it is a sign that they need to be looked at without delay.

A crisp blue flame coming from your cooker indicates all is well. The gas flow is at an optimum level, the gas is burning completely and your appliance is operating very efficiently and giving you great value for money. That’s how it should be.

On the other hand, a yellow/orange flame is the most common off-colour indicator of a problem, if you’ll please excuse the pun. It is a clear signal that the gas isn’t combusting properly, and it could even be generating carbon monoxide. Having carbon monoxide wafting through your home, even in tiny levels, is obviously a health hazard to your family. It could explain those ongoing headaches or feelings of nausea that you experience while cooking, and it could also be the cause of many other chronic health conditions in your home.

From a purely economic point of view, you’re also wasting money if your cooker isn’t completely burning the gas. When people complain of high gas bills, it might not be the gas itself that is costing them: it could be that they’re using more gas than they think because not all of it is being burnt. So, for the sake of your physical and financial wellbeing, you really need to contact us so that we can check that yellow flame immediately. The cost of our service is a small price to pay compared to the savings you’ll make in the years ahead.

By the way, if the flame in your gas fire burns yellow then don’t panic. It is perfectly ok. It has been designed to burn that colour for a more natural decorative effect. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it checked anyway. If it’s been a while since you’ve had it serviced, the fire could be running less efficiently than it should, or even leaking. So, how about we check it out at the same time as we look at your gas cooker? Get in touch for fast gas repairs in Auckland and let us put your mind at rest in more ways than one.