How Gas Central Heating Works

How Gas Central Heating Works

When people find out we’re gas fitters in central Auckland, a lot of them ask us about radiator central heating. This form of heating has become very popular in recent years, and we’ve installed a lot of it as part of our gasfitting service. We know how well gas central heating works in the homes we’ve installed it in, and there are many reasons why prospective clients are so interested in it:

  • Very efficient and reliable.
  • Can eliminate up to 80% of condensation problems in older homes by creating dryer air.
  • Heats the whole house and won’t leave cold spots around the home which aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions.
  • The radiators are discreet and stylishly designed
  • Healthy and safe
  • A smart and efficient central heating system can add value to your home
  • Easy to control from one central unit
  • Can be installed into new or existing homes

In a well-insulated home, gas central heating is highly effective combined with that long list of advantages you’ve just read about. But now you know how well it works, it’s time to tell you HOW it works.

The gas boiler unit heats water and pumps it through piping into smart-looking radiators in individual rooms.  Radiator heaters use hot water to heat the air that flows past them. As you’d expect, warm air rises from the radiator and at the same time, the colder air in the rooms falls. This creates circulation and generates a flow of air around the room which sends out warm air from the radiator and delivers cool air back to the heater. The water within the radiator returns to the boiler for reheating and continues to cycle back to radiators, making it a highly sustainable form of heating.

Modern radiators are manufactured from pressed steel, which has the ability to heat up and cools down quickly. Most of them have fins on the back or between panels; this increases the surface area to heat up air and allows for more compact models to heat up a room far more efficiently. The system is regulated by a programmable controller, which can be set to turn on and off at your convenience, so it is the essence of simplicity and efficiency.

If you’re looking at effective heating options for your new build, or for your existing home, we strongly recommend you contact us to discuss the benefits of gas central heating. After it’s been fitted to the highest of standards by our company, you’ll be glad you went from talking about it to installing it!