Got Any Of These Hot Water Problems? Call Us

Got Any Of These Hot Water Problems? Call Us

Gas hot water systems are usually highly reliable, whether they’re cylinders or continuous flow. It helps if they’re properly installed, as well as regularly serviced and looked after. Get those things right and for most of the time, you’ll enjoy all the hot water you need, when you need it.

But there could be occasions when your gas hot water system might not be operating as well as it should, and that’s when you will need our help. As experienced and certified gas fitters on the North Shore, we can resolve any issue, no matter what sort of gas hot water system you have…but how will you know when or if you should call us? Simple. If you spot any of these symptoms, you’ll know your gas hot water system isn’t in the best of health and it requires our professional attention.

  • Temperature fluctuations with the water getting far too hot, or running cold when it shouldn’t, could be the sign of a faulty thermostat. You should definitely call us if this is happening.
  • Pilot light keeps going out, or it doesn’t light at all.
  • Hot water keeps running out for no reason at all.
  • Water is dripping continuously from the pressure relief valve.
  • Water leaking from all other parts of the hot water system.
  • You notice dirty or rusty coloured water.
  • The water in your cylinder takes longer than usual to reheat.
  • Your hot water heater is making a noise you’ve never heard before.

If you see or hear anything that just doesn’t add up, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Gas hot water systems are worth looking after as they remain the most cost-effective way to heat your water. As certified gas fitters, we know what we’re doing and that includes everything to do with hot water. As well as repairing existing systems, we also install Rheem gas hot water cylinders, as well as Rinnai and Bosch continuous flow hot water heaters. We also change over existing electric hot water systems to gas hot water systems.

We understand you have a choice when it comes to gasfitters in Auckland, but as certified fitters our work has to be carried out to a higher standard than most. This is our guarantee that any gas-related work we do for you will be safe and effective. Gas appliances are not something you want to be half-hearted about when it comes to servicing them, so make sure you choose a certified gas fitter to look after your hot water system.