Getting Your House Ready Before Going Away

Getting Your House Ready Before Going Away

As many prepare for the vacations away from home this season, many forget about proofing their house to avoid any disastrous accidents and unfortunate events while they are away. People forget the most vital parts of the house, from water and electricity to gas. And when the unexpected does happen, many find themselves clearing up the damaged property and are stuck with expensive bills they had never budgeted for. But, by using the services of reputable gas fitters North Shore, speaking to your neighbours and ensuring you create a comprehensive checklist before going away, you can rest easy that your house is in a safe condition.

Although you can’t prepare for every worst-case scenario, these are some of the most significant issues every homeowner should consider before their trip. Hiring professionals to do thorough check-ups on water, gas and electricity can give you comfort in knowing that your house is as well protected as it can be. These are the four most important areas of your home that you need to address before any extended trip away.

1) Check The Gas Supply 

Professional gas fitters can check for any leaks and potential problems while maintaining your system. Leaks can escalate dangerously and become a safety and health hazard to you as well as your surrounding neighbours too. And while many are confident that there won’t be a problem while they are away, it is still a risk. For peace-of-mind, contact PG Plumbing & Gas, to inspect your gas supply and fitment before the holidays.

2) Switch Off All Your Electronics 

Homeowners often neglect to switch off and unplug all their electronics, because they feel sure that an accident would be extremely unlikely to occur. Not only can plugged in devices add to your energy bill, but they can also, in fact, become extremely hazardous. And so, it’s imperative that you do a once-over before leaving home to ensure that any electricity surges do not affect your property.

3) Close Your Water Supply 

Even though we all know of geysers and pipes bursting to unsuspecting families while they were on holiday, turning off the water supply is still not done enough. Besides flooding causing structural and other property damage, it can lead to a massive and costly clean up once you are back home.

4) Switch Off All Your Timers 

Homeowners often forget about their set air conditioner and light timers. While it is best to switch off the main power source – it’s best to rather adjust or remove the settings completely. This is because once home, devices can be prone to malfunctioning, and it can be a hassle to reset again.

Hiring a professional electrician or gas fitter in North Shore can determine how house ready you are to go away on your trip. It can also validate any insurance claims that may arise from any nasty surprises and can save you money in the long run. For affordable, reliable and industry-standard service on your gas, speak to us today.