Forget The Weather, It’s Time To Service Your Gas Fire

Forget The Weather, It’s Time To Service Your Gas Fire

At this time of year, the unpredictable weather patterns we associate with spring and early summer are being replaced with more settled and predictable weather. Summer is well and truly here by now, and those warm days on the beach or by the barbecue are being enjoyed all over Auckland. So, with all this hot weather upon us, we think it’s time you looked ahead to winter and engaged our expert gasfitting services! To be specific, we’re talking about gas fire servicing.

You might think we’re crazy but there’s a lot of common sense about what we’re saying. Winter is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. However, we should remind you that even though we have a lot of warm weather to look forward to, we’re just weeks away from the start of autumn. And you know what comes after autumn? That’s right. Winter!

So while everyone is in hot-weather and holiday modes, it’s a great time to do some forward-thinking and beat the rush by getting your gas fire serviced right now. Demand for that particular service peaks when the weather gets cooler and we don’t want you to have to wait. Book us in now and get everything in order with your gas fire well before you need to use it.

Chances are you’re well overdue for a gas fire service anyway. These appliances are usually neglected – just as long as they work, then people don’t see the need for their gas fire to be serviced. But even though it might appear to be operating normally, the longer it has gone without a service the more likely it is that things are not working quite as well as they could be.

For example, soot build-up can cause the heater to operate far below peak efficiency which wastes gas and ends up costing you more in the long run. Plus when a gas fire is ignored for as long as the average one is, it can become run down and the structural integrity of the appliance becomes compromised as well. In other words, the components become old and damaged which causes leaks…and that means carbon monoxide could slowly be escaping into your home. We’re not being melodramatic., It’s a very real possibility when gas fires are not serviced on a regular basis.

This is why you should ask us to check and service your gas fire right now. Not just because you’ll beat the winter rush but also because of safety reasons. Contact us today!