Come On PG, Check My Fire

Come On PG, Check My Fire

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but winter has yet to fully raise its ugly head. The cold snaps and frosty mornings we’ve been waking up to are a mere entree to what is to come. There is more on its way, just colder and frostier.

Now for some good news. We’re ready and willing to service your gas fire so you can stay toasty warm on those chilly winter days. As leaders in gas fire maintenance in Auckland, we’re the right people to call. But make sure you make that call soon! People all over Auckland are feeling the drop in temperature and right now they’re thinking some gas fire maintenance is well overdue – so beat that rush and we’ll be able to look after you without delay.

We think you should get your gas fireplace repair and serviced at least once a year. While modern gas fires are highly efficient and very safe, they still need an annual inspection to ensure they’re not leaking, completely clean, and running to full efficiency. Neglected gas fires, no matter how modern, can run down over time and that’s when the problems begin. Gas leaks from fires are common, and for the safety of your family, it is imperative you get yours checked for this reason alone.

When we service your gas fire for safety reasons, we will also make sure it is running at full efficiency. Many people take a second look at their gas bill and think that gas has suddenly become much more expensive. But in most cases, it’s actually a case of the appliance not operating at full efficiency and going through more gas than it needs to. This doesn’t just happen with heaters. Cookers often run at less than total efficiency as well, so while we’re checking your gas fireplace, maybe we could take a look at your gas cooker too? You’ll be glad you did when your gas bill becomes far more affordable.

We think gas heating is great for all sorts of reasons. It’s fast, efficient and safe. But it could be even better with a little maintenance thrown in from time to time. At this time of year, you don’t want your home’s primary heating source leaving you feeling lower than the temperatures. Stay happy, healthy and warm in front of a gas fire that is working as it should. Contact us now and beat the rush!