Choose Carefully. Not All Tradies Are Equal

Choose Carefully. Not All Tradies Are Equal

COVID-19 has changed how New Zealanders have spent their money. For example, the thousands of dollars that might have been put aside for a long overseas holiday are now being spent elsewhere. A major home improvement is one of the more obvious places where this diverted money will end up, and that means fully qualified tradespeople like us are in demand. We’re being called on to work on some very exciting home renovation projects where our plumbing, gasfitting and drainage expertise is required e.g. new bathrooms and kitchens.

People working in other trades are noticing an upswing in demand as well. Builders and electricians are reporting a growing call for their services, and while this is all very positive for companies like ours, and good for the economy as a whole, there is a downside you need to be wary of.

The increasing need for trades-related work to be carried out, be it renovations, new builds or repairs, is attracting unqualified and unskilled people to the Auckland region. They’re seizing the opportunity to meet the demand that is undoubtedly out there, and people who are desperately keen to get work done are taking them on without doing a proper check of their credentials. This can lead to a shoddy job and, in the worst case scenario, can even place people in a highly dangerous situation.

Let’s take our industry as an example. We’re certified gas appliance repairers. All of the gas work we do must include the issue of a Gas Safety Certificate and/or a Gas Code of Compliance. This covers the repairs we carry out, as well as the installation of a new gas appliance, or additions or extensions to any existing appliance. Our work must be certified to show we have carried out our work to the highest, and safest, standards. Unfortunately, there are people out there who do not operate at the same level and who are not qualified in any way, shape or form. They might look like they know what they’re doing but they’re basically out to cash in on the demand for tradespeople. They may leave you with a gas appliance that is not repaired at all – it could be even more of a safety hazard than it was before.

It’s happening across all industries. So whether you need our plumbing, gasfitting or drainage services, or something in another field like building or electrical, we urge you to check the credentials of everyone you come into contact with as you try and find someone to do the job. You might be super-keen to get something done but don’t let that stop you from making the right choice.  When it comes to what we do, you can get in touch with us having full confidence that we’re Master Plumbers and certified gasfitters – but you should still feel free to check our credentials anyway!