Check Your Gas Appliances Before Going Away

Check Your Gas Appliances Before Going Away

If you have a caravan or motorhome, we have a question for you. When was the last time you had the gas appliances e.g. gas cooker, checked out and serviced? As North Shore gas fitters we have plenty of experience in this area. We know only too well that older fittings that haven’t been serviced for a while can pose a real danger, so for the sake of your safety, and for everyone else who will be staying in that caravan or motorhome with you, give us a call.

Gas appliances, like all appliances, can wear out over the course of time. For example, plastic or rubber seals can deteriorate and perish, pipes can become damaged or loose due to ongoing vehicle movement (particularly on bumpy roads)  parts can go missing over the years, and burner jets or vents can become clogged.

This is why it is very important to check for things like:

  • Dents, kinks and/or corrosion, adequate fixings or clips on copper tubing.
  • Hoses for signs of cracking, fraying, splitting or brittleness
  • Rust or corrosion on gas appliances
  • Vents and burners for obstruction
  • Normal looking flame patterns when in use. Too much yellow/orange flame is a sign the gas is not combusting completely which means carbon monoxide could be filling that enclosed living space.

If you do notice something untoward, you should give us a call. And if you haven’t had the gas appliances in your caravan or motorhome serviced in a long time, if at all, then you should give us a call anyway. If the appliance is not functioning properly or leaking, this can lead to life-threatening situations. It really is important you get everything checked.

All of the gasfitting work on your caravan or motorhome must be carried out by a licensed gasfitter, and we’re certainly qualified in that area. We will ensure any alterations to existing fittings, or new installations that you request will comply with the latest and strictest industry standards.

While we’re certainly not the only gasfitter out there, we are certified and highly-trained. Not everyone offering services in our field of expertise has the training and reputation we do, and when it comes to gas safety in a caravan or motorhome, you don’t want to deal with cowboys. Contact us and we’ll check and service everything to the most exacting of standards – that way you’ll enjoy a happy and safe road holiday.